The Pino Hase tandem bike

21 March 2023


Ever heard of the Pino tandem bike?

The Pino was first developed by the German company Hase Bikes ca. 25 years ago. This unique machine carries two persons and addresses all the shortcomings of standard tandem bicycles. In particular, the 2 cyclists both have an unobstructed view and can easily talk to one another. The riding experience is especially unique for the person in front who rides horizontally and has her/his hands completely free.

Providing a very comfortable ride for both persons, the Pino is extremely robust and heavily used by cyclists who want to take medium- and long-distance cycling to a new level.

Last but not least, riding the Pino is very easy and does not take any adaptation time at all. If you know how to ride a standard bicycle, you'll manage the Pino just fine. Just get on it, cycle and enjoy!

Now, just imagine if you could use this unique bicycle to discover the most beautiful parts of France on two wheels. Could this be your dream holiday?

Well, you'll be happy to hear that we offer a unique Pino rental service to make your dream come true!


Two people playing with a Pino semi recumbent tandem bike in a forest in France during the fall period